Bath & Shower Gels

Values from Nature!
Gentle body care and relaxation

Hakamilla Bath & SHower GEL

Relax and feel good with this soothing bath and shower gel. With natural extracts of chamomile to hydrate and smooth the skin and hair. No colouring.

No. 441 -1 litre – $ 29.50

Spruce Oil Foam Bath

For a refreshing and relaxing foam bath. With a fine fragrance combination of conifer, laven­der, precious woods and ethereal essence of fir. Smell the forest! Good for over 25 baths.

No. 434 • 500ml ·$ 21.00


shampoo and Shower Gel in one

Duschfit contains valuable proteins so that you can shower and wash your hair daily. Soapfree and very skin friendly.
Can be refilled from the 2 litre refill bottle.

No. 128 -300 ml -$ 12.50
No. 052 -2 litre -$60.50

Duschfit Fresh

The sporty-fresh fragrance provides a refreshing shower experience. Freshness and vitality for the whole day.

No. 466 • 300ml ·$12.75

Bamboo shower gel

A soothing and gentle shower gel with a pleasant fresh fragrance and valuable Bamboo extracts.

No. 423 -300 ml -$ 13.75

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