Our Masterpiece

The Triple - Concentrate


The perfect mild & gentle multi-purpose household cleaner.

No. 047 – 1 kg – $14.50
No. 012 – 5 kg – $ 55.00

Dishwashing with natural power


Mild and gentle wash­ing-up liquid

An excellent Washing-up liquid with natural wash­ing power that is kind to the skin! HAKAmild is the ideal product for the environmentally-friendly household.
You can wash up 750 times with a 3 litre bottle.

No. 169 – 3 I – $ 48.75

Scouring Milk

This powerful scouring cream shines as it cleans stainless steel, enamel and ceramic surfaces. Re­moves effortlessly even the worst dirt and grease in kitchens and bathrooms.

No. 083 – 750 ml – $ 13.50

For extra cleaning power


ultra-concentrated, anti-bacterial, liquid

An all-round cleanser for kitchen, bathrooms and floors. It removes even the most stubborn dirt with less effort. Its power to cut through grease comes from grapefruit extracts. You’ll smell it! It is highly concentrated:
A teaspoon is good enough for a 5 I pail of water! Used undiluted it possesses anti­bacterial properties.

No. 027 – 500 ml – $ 13.50
No. 141 – 2 litre – $ 44.00


The ideal liquid detergent for woolens, col­oureds and delicates, phosphate free and very gentle.

No. 034 – 2 litre – $ 28.25

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