Most important and effective ingredients


Has a calming, regenerating and soothing effect

Aloe Vera

Improves the healing process, moisturizes the skin and leaves it feeling smooth.

Avocado Oil

This precious plant oil moisturizes, leaves the skin silky and helps to protect the skin. 

Calendula Oil

Gives back skin elasticity, takes away tensions and improves the general appearance.


Has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, helps skin regeneration .

Jojoba Oil

This plant based oil wax has a nourishing effect and prevents moisture los􀀁.

eroVitamin 85

Promotes the regeneration process of the skin and strengthens its natural protective mechanism against the loss of moisture and environmental effects. Has a smoothing and soothing effect.


Has a marked lipid-replenishing effect and protects the skin from drying out.

Vitamin E

Helps protecting the skin from damaging environmental effects. Supports the regeneration and helps preventing early skin aging.

Wheatgerm 0il

This precious plant oil has a soothing and regenerating effect. Contains ProVitamin A, Lecithin and Vitamin E.

Witch Hazel

Has a refreshing and revitalizing effect. Improves the appearance of the skin and helps healing.